Founders & Management

Siddhesh Angle, PhD


President & Chief Executive Officer

His career in musculoskeletal research & development spans 15 years. Dr. Angle played an integral role in the acquisition of a synthetic biomaterials start-up by Zimmer Biomet. He was then R&D Manager for their Global Biologics business and has successfully commercialized several orthopedic medical devices and combination therapies.  

Bruce Cronstein, MD


Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board

He was first to discover the anti-inflammatory effects of adenosine and its role in wound healing, and in maintaining cartilage homeostasis and treating OA.  He is the 2013 recipient of the Lee Howley Prize for Research in Arthritis and holds leadership positions in American College of Rheumatology and NYU School of Medicine.

Carmen Corciulo, PhD


Chief Scientific Advisor

She is completing a postdoctoral fellowship in the Cronstein lab where she has focused on the role of adenosine and its receptors in regulating chondrocyte and cartilage homeostasis. Importantly, she has discovered that intra-articular injection of adenosine both stimulates cartilage regeneration and prevents development of OA in joints. 

Scientific Advisory Board

Bruce N. Cronstein, MD


Richard F. Loeser, MD


Marc C. Hochberg, MD